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High quality components for optimised performance and smooth production processes

With the use of hydro-pneumatic pumps the quantity of adhesive pumped through the application system is recorded and saved in a log file for data analysis of each panel built.

  • Low-wearing construction
  • Even volume flow
  • Data analysis through electric flow control
  • Pump volume up to 10 l/min
  • Hydropneumatische membranpumpen für die Klebstoffdosierung
    Container Station with Pump Unit
  • IB-Container als Computerdarstellung
    3D Drawing: double Container Station


Intermediate Bulk Container with liquid level control sensor

The container station for the storage of the IBC is set up with a safety tray and buffer barrel. The sensor for the liquid level control is integrated in the PLC programmable logic controller of the application system. Through surveillance of the liquid levels production down-times are avoided.

  • No stop of production when exchanging barrels
  • Easy connection of IBC with couplings
  • Safe work platform
  • Optional: heating blankets for IBCs guarantee constant temperatures
  • Safety sensors with optical and acoustic signals