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Easy coil material handling and on-demand sheet production for efficient processes

With on-site production of sheet material the cost for ordering pre-cut material can be eliminated and storage is minimised. The unit can seamlessly be integrated into existing production lines.

Technical Features we always go the extra mile for our customers

  • Easy adjustment via PLC programming to meet flexible production demands
  • Coil material up to 3500 mm width and 3t weight
  • Suitable for various materials, for example Aluminium 1-2 mm and GRP 2-3 mm thickness
  • Customised software for individual production needs
  • Accurate laser aided measuring
  • High safety standard through light barrier gates
  • Ionising system to reduce static charge
  • High and steady feeding speed through frequency controlled drive
  • Online access for maintenance service and logging of production data for quality assurance
  • Easy loading of coils and access with fork lift
  • PU-coated feeding rollers for slip and scratch free transport of material
  • High-speed cutting with durable slitter
  • Clean cut edges
  • Long lasting quality components for low maintenance operation



  • Compact design: Decoiling and Cutting Unit
  • Frequency controlled drive for high and steady feeding speeds
  • Easy operation via touch panel
  • Detail: durable slitters
  • Detail: precisely cut edges
  • Flexible integration in existing production lines
  • Decoiling Unit – 3D Rendering
  • Cutting System
  • Cutting System
  • Decoiling unit with tensioning device

Quality Management Process monitoring with digital solutions

Quality prevails in the long term – we use the latest technology for production monitoring for successful quality management

All product related data, such as material, batch number, number and length of sheets are logged and made available. Additionally individual barcodes can be generated for product tracking throughout the production line and sales.