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Innovative systems for large scale adhesive application

Technicon is your leading specialist for 1C PUR large surface adhesive application systems. For more than 20 years we have been continually developing our machines and implementing the latest technology to provide our clients with high standard solutions for their process optimisation.

An efficient unit that sets new standards in terms of transport, commissioning and seamless integration into existing production lines. 

– trends in automation. The Festo customer magazine


Precise adhesive application, individually optimised to customer specifications and latest software technology ensures cost-efficient production.

  • Bead application eliminates hazardous and wasteful overspray
  • Perfectly even adhesion results through bead application with minimal distance
  • Targeted application for cost effective production
  • CAD-Converter Software allows the easy adjustment of production parameters

Our clients profit from databank management for quality monitoring as well as a comprehensive service such as online monitoring and regular maintenance on site.

Quality is our philosophy – Made in Germany

We believe in efficient design using only high quality components to achieve best results for our clients. Long lasting use for sustainable investments.

Efficiency for your production processes

Our machines deliver clean and targeted adhesive application for a cost effective production while delivering highest adhesion results.

Service it’s what makes a good product great

Service is our top priority – from the first idea to service on site. We are there for our clients ensuring smooth production processes with comprehensive support.

Precise Adhesive Application for a cost-efficient production delivering highest adhesion results

The CAD-PLC Converter creates surface data using CAD drawings for the targeted adhesive application. Individually designed adhesive nozzles are 3D printed and create minimal bead distance for perfect glueing results.


Düsen 1K-Klebstoffauftragssystem

Quality Management Process monitoring with digital solutions

Quality prevails in the long-term, therefore we supply comprehensive data for process monitoring. Precise pumps deliver detailed data on adhesive consumption. All product related data such as batch numbers, adhesive spread on each item, production times and temperatures are saved and made available in data sheets and graphs. Additionally the software is set up for the integration of data from other production units. On demand, barcode systems for single product tracking can be implemented.
Quality management also means to ensure smooth production through effective and foresighted maintenance. Technicon offers complete after-sales services. 



Technical Features we always go the extra mile for our customers

  • Application width from 50-4000 mm
  • Precise adhesive quantities from to 80-300 g/m2
  • High precision and low maintenance hydro-pneumatic pump
  • Minimal bead distance through individually printed 3D adhesive nozzles
  • Adhesive nozzles are safely stored in a barrier fluid through scheduled machine downtimes and can be easily exchanged
  • Targeted adhesive application through individual activation of each nozzle allows adhesive and cost savings
  • Exact amounts of water spray for adhesive curing, including filter system
  • Compact unit with fast and high precision linear drive
  • Easy operation via touch panel and individual adjustments according to production needs
  • Container (IBC) and pump station with sensor monitoring
  • Buffer barrel and easy exchange of IBC for non-stop production
  • Detailed process monitoring and online service for quality control

Every adhesive application machine is optimised according to each client’s specifications. Let us know what we can do for you. 

Pump and Container Station Safe material supply and monitoring for smooth production processes

Hydro-pneumatic membrane pumps ensure precise and steady adhesive volume flow.

Equipped with electronic flow meters, the software of the pump station is logging all data for analysis and quality management.

The IBC – Intermediate Bulk Containers are set up with safety trays and the liquid level sensor. The additional buffer barrel ensures non-stop production availability during exchange of containers as well as switching in between different adhesives. Optional heating and cooling elements deliver constant adhesive temperatures for best production results.



The right material at the right place for the correct time.

For high and efficient production speed large amounts of materials must be moved and be available on time. Vacuum Transport modules can help to safely and quickly move large sheet material and panels.

We develop customised material handling solutions and pass our know-how to our clients, drawing on our experience in production line planning and concept development.

Applications and Industries we are here to find the best solution for you

Your reliable and innovative partner in process automation. Over 20 years experience in large surface adhesive application.

Our systems are compact and set up for smooth commissioning as well as seamless integration in existing production lines. They are used in the caravan industry, for insulation elements and sandwich panels, interior fitting out of trucks, ships and airplanes as well as the furniture industry.

We develop individual solutions – get in touch with us, we look forward to hearing from you.  

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