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From Adhesive Application Systems to fully automated production lines for fireworks, Technicon stands for innovative, custom designed automation process solutions.

Ideas become reality – we develop and build handling systems, special purpose machines, transport systems or plant modules for any industry sector. Benefit from our experience for your specific process requirements. All system components are individually designed according to client specifications. We believe in efficient design using only high quality components to achieve best results. See an overview of our current portfolio.

Mechanical Engineering Selection of application examples

  • Sondermaschinenbau ENG • Startseite Portfolio ENG


    For over 10 years we have been developing and implementing innovative solutions for the automated production of fireworks. From the automation of...

  • Material-Handling ENG • Sondermaschinenbau ENG • Startseite Portfolio ENG

    Decoil and Cutting Systems

    Easy coil material handling and on-demand sheet production for efficient processes. With flexible on-site production of sheet material, cost for...

  • Klebstoffauftragsysteme ENG • Sondermaschinenbau ENG

    2 C Adhesive Application System

    Our 2C-PUR Adhesive application systems offer a perfectly balanced mixing ratio and even adhesive application....

  • Material-Handling ENG • Sondermaschinenbau ENG • Startseite Portfolio ENG

    Roller Conveyor Systems

    Modular Transport Systems: what you need at the right place and time. We offer solutions to efficiently transport material within existing production...

  • Material-Handling ENG • Sondermaschinenbau ENG

    Integrated Destacking Systems

    The De-Stacking Unit allows easy and safe handling of large panels and can be linked to transport table on either side....

  • Klebstoffauftragsysteme ENG • Sondermaschinenbau ENG • Sondermaschinenbau Portfolio

    CNC-Outline Adhesive Application

    With constant speed, also during curve sequences, an exact amount of sealant or adhesive is applied. Precisely applied quantities enable high savings...

Research and Development Project Together for a better future

A joint project of the project partners Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, nascit GmbH, Technicon – Technik mit System GmbH and ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems to develop innovative and environmentally friendly silicon-sulphur batteries with nano-structured arrester films for maritime applications.

We are pleased to be part of this innovative and future-oriented project thanks to the support from the state programme Economy, funded by the European Union (EFRE – European Regional Development Fund), the federal government and the state of Schleswig-Holstein.







Consulting and Planning From the first idea to digital 3D prototype drawings

Consulting our clients and working together in close collaboration is our way to develop great solutions.

As your Partner for Automation Engineering we are there for you to undertake a new challenge and to bring your business forward. Design drafts for new automation machines are refined and reiterated with 3D prototype drawings until we find the optimal solution. Our experienced team of engineers, programmers, electrical engineers and manufacturers work hand-in-hand to produce efficient solutions.

For 20 years we have assisted our clients with our expertise from planning through to implementation of process automation projects. Technicon is your partner for development, construction and production of industrial machines for process automation. Profit from our strong and diverse network. We offer comprehensive engineering services for our clients, from the first idea to the finished product and beyond.

Construction & Documentation Individual designs for efficient solutions

We develop, construct and reiterate our digital 3D prototypes in close cooperation with our customers.

Our experienced team of automation specialists deliver the most efficient solutions for our clients’ demands. Each product is designed and optimised, down to the finest detail, with the aid of 3D modelling and a range of powerful software. Subsequently our engineers run a comprehensive testing phase of the final product at our site. Every product entails full documentation and instruction manuals. Of course we offer translations in other languages if requested. We work with the following programs: SolidWorks 2013 | AutoCAD 2D | Festo FluidDraw | FluidSim | WSCAD

  • Vacuumtransport- and Stacking Unit
  • Overview fully automatic production line
  • IBC Container and Pumpen Station Klebstoff
  • 1C Adhesive Application System
  • CAD Design Ansicht
    Overview: 2C Adhesive Application System
  • Computerdarstellung Coilmaterial auf dem Decoiler
    Decoiling Unit – 3D Rendering

PLC Programming for complex automation solutions

We create PLC programmes (Programmable Logic Controller) and visualisations to customer needs and specification.

Our aim is to develop programmes for efficient and sustainable production processes. We deliver complex automation solutions as well as single logic components or individual adjustment of existing programs.

PLC programmes can be changed and readjusted to new production demands. The Software and Hardware components can be connected and integrated into existing production processes. We only use high quality components and offer reliable online and on site service – for your long term process optimisation.

We work with the following programmes and components:
Software: Siemens Step 7 und Logo | WinCC flexible | FESTO CoDeSys | VisualStudio 2012
Hardware: Siemens S7 | Siemens Logo Modules | Touch Panels | FESTO Valve Terminals | IBH Link S7++
Kommunikation: Bus Couplings | Fieldbus Systems| Profibus / CAN-Bus | Ethernet | ProfiNet

Electrical Engineering Central element in process automation

We always strive to implement innovative solutions.

Our machines are set up with an easy ‘plug and play’ technology for fast and easy on-site commissioning.
From the very beginning the electrical planning is an integral part of the development process. We pay great attention to all safety standards, such as individual protection classes of the electrical equipment (Ex-proof areas, IP classes).

Our services include electro-technical planning, E-CAD planning and documentation, machine communication via field bus systems, material sourcing, wiring of control cabinets and cabling machines as well as updating and digitalisation of existing documents.

Installation and Commissioning our team is at your service – worldwide

Service is our top priority – it’s what makes a good product great.

The Technicon Team offers an all-round service. Before delivery all machines run through comprehensive tests under production-like conditions. This ensures short commissioning times on-site and a quick production start. We know how important it is to ensure smooth production processes. From the first idea to service on site – we are there for you, our clients.

  • Worldwide Transport
  • Preparation for loading
  • Loading for Transport
  • Worldwide Transport
  • Loading for Transport
  • Precise and efficient planning
  • Comissioning on site