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    For over 10 years we have been developing and implementing innovative solutions for the automated production of fireworks. From...

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    Decoil and Cutting Systems

    Easy coil material handling and on-demand sheet production for efficient processes. With flexible on-site production of sheet...

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    2 C Adhesive Application System

    Our 2C-PUR Adhesive application systems offer a perfectly balanced mixing ratio and even adhesive application....

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    Roller Conveyor Systems

    Modular Transport Systems: what you need at the right place and time. We offer solutions to efficiently transport material within...

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    Integrated Destacking Systems

    The De-Stacking Unit allows easy and safe handling of large panels and can be linked to transport table on either side....

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    CNC-Outline Adhesive Application

    With constant speed, also during curve sequences, an exact amount of sealant or adhesive is applied. Precisely applied quantities...